Bridging The Communication Gap Between Policy Makers And Industry Players

Malaysia Plastics Recyclers Association (MPRA) was established on March, 2014 in an effort to spur growth, protect the integrity of the plastic recycling industry and to increase public awareness. MPRA’s mission is to build a platform that is sustainable and proactive in delivering voices and challenges faced by members of the association which aims to protect, promote and provide useful information for the convenience of members, government bodies, the buyer and seller products.

MPRA is constantly seeking the interest of the industrial players to participate in the plastic recycling industry programmes in the present and future. We also want to be an association that is more efficient in carrying out the rights, responsibilities and mandate given to us. We will also assist to provide the recycling industry updates through website and provides industrial and corporate social responsibility. Plastic recycling industry in Malaysia has grown so significantly over the last decade. MPRA responsibility to its members is to achieve a win-win solutions on policy making for plastic recycling industry in Malaysia with the relevant parties, particularly the Government. We are committed to make fruitful discussions and negotiations to obtain the best results for all parties as long as it is still subject to all Acts and regulations set by the Government.

Promoting A Sustainable Development

MPRA main goal is to support plastic recycling industry by promoting a high level of professionalism to bring it to the national agenda as well as to protect the interests of its members.

Globally, the plastic cycling industry has seen significant growth over the last decade in terms of size, sophistication and number of plant owners with global connections and advanced operations. In Malaysia, the rate of plastic coinage transactions has also increased substantially in parallel with the expansion of economic activity. The plastic industry needs to be modernized in line with the rapid development of technology. Hence, in modernizing the industry, the security and integrity of related activities need to be identified when it comes to service to consumers.

All actions taken are still bound and abide by the Acts and regulations that have been set. It is to facilitate MPRA join hands and cooperate with government bodies, experts and those concerned in order to achieve a greener environment or plastic sustainability development. MPRA is also commited to help members in solving all challenges faced and will always defend the recycling industry (plastics recycling) for the economic growth in a circular economy, making recycling a must and making sure the plastic waste to be known as “valuable resources”. MPRA is confident that through constructive engagement with relevant authorities, plastics recycling industry will develop into something bigger in the country’s economic prosperity.